TPSX Update - Nov. 2015

We are pleased to make TPSX available on the web once again, after a nearly three year absence. This current web site has most all of the functionality of the site from 2012, along with some security upgrades. If you had an account on the original TPSX site, your username and password will still be valid. If you have forgotten your account credentials, please use the "Forgot Login/Password?" link on the side or "Email Support" link below to request a password reset.

Welcome to the TPSX Material Database V4.3

The goal of TPSX is to provide easy and immediate access to material data for analysts, engineers and designers in the aerospace field. TPSX is an engineering tool - it should not be used as the final and definitive source for material information. Users are encouraged to seek additional information from the material Points of Contact (POCs) regarding particular design applications.

This version of TPSX offers data on over 1500 materials, compiled by various NASA Centers and industry sources. Most of the materials are designed for aerospace applications.

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TPSX was conceived and developed by researchers in the Thermal Protection Materials & Systems Branch at NASA Ames Research Center Technical support was provided by ERC Inc. of Huntsville, AL. Major upgrades of the TPSX web site were made possible by the finanical support of NASA Langley Research Center and the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer. NASA Langley Research Center also coordinated the addition of new materials and databases from other NASA Centers and industry.